~Abundant Grace Church~
Founding Pastor- Rev. Anthony J. Storino (Born 1949, Entered his eternal reward 2020)
Pastor Storino was a former businessman from Toms River, New Jersey. After accepting Jesus Christ as his savior, he felt moved to give up a family owned business and dedicate his life to the ministry. In 1982 Pastor Storino and his family moved to Oklahoma to attend RHEMA Bible Training Center. While attending RHEMA the Lord impressed upon his heart to return to Toms River and start a church. In May of 1984 Pastor Storino graduated from RHEMA and returned to Toms River, New Jersey with his family.

~June 3rd, 1984~ Pastor Anthony Storino held his first service at their home in Toms River. There were fifteen people present at the service. Pastor Anthony began immediately thinking about finding a larger facility to accommodate the growth of his church.

~November 1984~

Pastor Storino moved the church out of his home to a small storefront in the Dover Mall in Toms River. And to the joy of the Lord, Pastor Anthony’s flock continued to grow. It became evident that Pastor Storino would soon need additional space for his church.

~March 1986~
AGC moved to a larger location on Fischer Blvd. in Toms River to accommodate the consistent growth. Within a short period of time the Church and ministry members began exceeding the capacity of this building. AGC continued to expand and it became apparent that once again it would require additional space. Several smaller stores were rented to house offices, youth, children, and various other outreaches. Having outgrown the space in that location it was time to find new quarters.
~June 1989~
AGC moved once again to a facility that was equipped to handle the congregation. The site of new church would be on Fischer Blvd. in Toms River (the old Reporter building). The Church and Ministry continued to grow and expand.
~December 1993~
AGC was notified by the landlord and owners of their facility that we would have to vacate the building and once again look for new quarters. After searching and finding nothing, they decided to use a school.
~February 1994~
AGC uses a school to hold services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Through the years, they remained faithful to what God put on their hearts and that was to teach the uncompromised Word of God. Because of that God blessed them with a new facility on Indian Head Road in Toms River, a location formerly the home of “The Moravian Church”.
~December 1, 1994~
AGC became the official owners of that facility.
~June 1999~
Pastor Storino’s son, Edward, and his wife Melissa have also joined the staff of Abundant Grace Church. Both are Rhema Graduates. Edward Storino has been named Associate Pastor and Melissa is currently involved with the Administration of the different ministries at the Church.
~2002~ Abundant Grace Church continued to flourish with the construction of a 11,000 square foot addition to the
current location to include a gymnasium, a fellowship hall, and administrative offices.
~2004~ Abundant Grace Church celebrated it’s 20 Year Anniversary. As  always , Pastor Anthony, his wife Carol and his Assistant Pastors  continued to reach out to the community with the Gospel bringing Hope, Help and Healing.
~2010~ Abundant Grace Church completed its 26th year by ramping up their programs of clothing and feeding the homeless through their soup kitchen and food pantry, as well as providing a safe refuge to all those who have hurts, hang-ups, and habits through the ministry of Celebrate Freedom.
~2019~ Abundant Grace Church celebrates its 35th year of ministering to the community. There have been many changes over the years and for some programs the season ended. But we are excited about the revival and new fire that is sweeping through our church this year. New community outreaches are beginning and old ones expanded. 
~2020~ Abundant Grace Church Pastoral staff and entire church family were greatly surprised and grieved when its Founding Pastor, Rev. Anthony Storino, passed away suddenly from complications related to Covid-19. At that time Pastor Eddie Storino was already transitioning to the position as Senior Pastor, the passing of his father expedited the move into that position. 
~2021~Abundant Grace Church is excited with what God is doing. Revival has started. The church is filling up as the Covid-19 Government restrictions have been lifted. As we look to the future we are confident that the best is yet to come!