In response to the opiate epidemic and the staggering number of drug overdoses and deaths this year, Lifeline Recovery Support Services was formed to help save lives and help individuals suffering from substance use disorders (SUD) find long-term recovery.
What We Do: By combining traditional drug treatment with Peer Recovery Support Services, our program connects addicted individuals in varying crisis situations with a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist that works hand in hand with them through the entire recovery process – from initial intervention through clinical treatment to the desired goal of long-term recovery.
Peer Recovery Specialists
Lifeline Recovery Specialists are trained to use shared experience to meet the person in crisis where they are at and reach them at a defining and critical moment. The success and positive outcomes of the program gained the acknowledgment and support of Governor Chris Christie, local law enforcement, and both hospital and clinical staff, as more individuals found their way to treatment and onto recovery from active addiction with the help of Peers.
Lifeline Recovery Support Services uses the concept of peers sharing their recovery experience with other peers. Opening our services up to hospital networks all over the state as well as within the law enforcement community, as we partner with local municipalities to fight the epidemic together. We serve as a central location for hospitals and municipalities to reach to when they have anyone in need of an intervention.
Our Certified Peer Recovery Specialists are available day and night to deploy and assist with placement into drug treatment as well as to work one on one to act as a motivator, mentor, guide and advocate.
Lifeline Services
Lifeline Recovery Support Services has gathered our best and most proven team to battle this crisis head on. We have shown prodigious results in Ocean and Monmouth County, and are expanding our services to reach individuals in crisis all over the state. This approach is the first of its kind in the nation. We take those in crisis, and those suffering from a substance use disorder, and link them to a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist that can help with facilitation into treatment, and provide recovery support.
Recovery Specialists have the ability to be deployed to police departments 24/7 through established partnerships between Lifeline and Police.
Recovery Specialists have the ability to be deployed to Hospitals 24/7 through established partnerships between Lifeline and the Medical Community.
Through partnerships with communities and non-profits, Lifeline is able to deploy Recovery Specialists to work with addicts and their families.
The Lifeline Difference
Our Recovery Specialists are certified through the Addiction Professionals Certification Board, and will be deployed to area hospitals, police stations, or within the community upon notification of a Narcan reversal, arrest, or general need for recovery support. Our recovery specialists work with and track our clients through the continuum of care, from the initial crisis event into long-term recovery.
Recovery Support for Drug & Alcohol Addiction
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