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This ministry is a specialized, focused ministry designed to support hurting people during their healing process.
One thing unites all recovery ministries: they are trying to do what Jesus did and become who He called us to be – attentive, compassionate and equipped – able to act as ambassadors for Him. Freedom ministries believe that people can be healed, restored, and fit for God’s big dreams for them.
Stereo-typically, recovery ministries are viewed as places where alcoholics and drug addicts go to get clothes and a hot meal. Recovery ministries can also focus on co-dependency, sexual addiction, financial issues, eating disorders, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, fellowship and worship. Yes, sometimes recovery ministries serve food and have resources for basic human needs. But effective recovery ministries do more than hand out band-aids – they provide emotional, medical, and above all – spiritual resources that can result in solutions in the form of life transformation.Who’s Likely To Attend?
Who’s likely to attend? Anyone, young, old, or in between, that feels that their life should be better than it is. Celebrate Freedom deals with so much more than just drug and alcohol problems; Celebrate Freedom is here for your everyday emotional needs. It’s for people who are depressed or insecure. It’s for people who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. It’s for victims of any kind of abuse. It’s for anyone who needs to know that there are people who care and that there is a God who loves them and wants them healed and made whole again. If you are lost come to one of our meetings and let God get you on the right path. Come just as your are and let His love start changing your life today!
Before you know it we will be CELEBRATING YOUR RECOVERY TOO!
Get Back On The Road To Freedom!
If you are buried under the weight of a burden too heavy for you to carry any longer, please come to “Celebrate FREEDOM – Celebrate Life,” at Abundant Grace Church.
We meet every Monday night 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm for refreshments and fellowship. At 7:00 pm is “Large group time” with worship, teaching or testimonies. Then at 8:00 pm we break down into “Small Recovery Groups.”
  • Where can I get help when life hurts?
  • How can I overcome these burdens?
  • Why can’t I control myself?
  • How can I break out of this addiction?
  • Who cares about my problems?
  • What resources or programs are available to me?
Celebrate Freedom is a fellowship of people committed to being a “safe place” where people
can be honest about real problems – real hurts, habits, and hang-ups. We believe that
through God’s love and truth, and our support from each other, we can achieve total freedom
and new life through the power of Jesus Christ.
Life is difficult. None of us make it through this world without getting hurt, hurting others or
ourselves. We are all in need of recovery. We are all weak in different areas, and we need
each other. The worse thing we can do is isolate yourself. Please allow our growing family of
“fellow strugglers” to help! When you arrive you will enter a non-judgmental environment
where acceptance is the rule and always believing that God can help us is the key!

If you or someone you care about is looking for help, why don’t you come and join us? I know we can help!

Abundant Grace Church
108 Indian Head Road
Toms River, NJ 08753

If you have questions please call Jodi or Frank Monetti at (848) 221-2519 or email us at celebratefreedom@abundantgracechurch.com